9 Steps to implement mobile picking robots in your Warehouse

Automating the picking and stowing process in an e-commerce warehouse by introducing autonomous mobile robots seems to be more complex than it actually is. With this whitepaper we want to provide a compact overview on how a project is conducted from the initial idea to the large-scale rollout of an entire robot fleet. A typical use case of the robot TORU, which is to be used in the warehouse of an online shoe retailer or 3PL provider, is considered.

Learn more about these 9 steps in the Whitepaper:
  1. Visit on site

  2. Business case calculation

  3. Project Kick-Off workshop

  4. Definition and development of interfaces

  5. Delivery and sandbox operation

  6. Training phase and go-live

  7. Start-up period

  8. Employee training and handover of robot support

  9. Scaling and roll-out of the fleet

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