White paper Fulfillment Automation 2025 - How e-commerce influences order picking?

In October 2018, around 40 top-class retail experts met with Zalando and MAGAZINO to discuss scenarios for fulfillment in 2025.


Table of contents:

  • Market assessment by logistics experts from e.g.
    ASICS, Zalando, Fiege Logistics, BAUR, MediaMarktSaturn, BLG Logistics and Arvato
  • Background lack of skilled workers: Fulfillment automation in skills check
    parallel to the human
  • Omni-Channel-Commerce - Does consumers' order behavior revolutionizing the fulfillment?
  • Flexible Technology - Flexible Business Models?
  • "Artificial intelligence" - What is the added value for logistics?
  • 10 Theses on the Future of Fulfillment and Autonomous Mobile Robotics